Learn how to reduce queues and increase sales

More than 7 people in a queue means people won’t join it. And they won’t wait in line more than 9 minutes. Furthermore 70% are less likely to return to a store if they experience long waiting times on just one occasion. Video technology can help. By measuring queue lengths and waiting times, and connecting queue monitoring to POS systems, companies test queue reduction measures and assess their impact and profitability.

Retail traffic counting improves staffing and sales

Using retail traffic counting, stores can more efficiently schedule staff and thus increase sales. When shoppers aren’t sure what to buy, and don’t get helpful advice from retail staff, 90% of them leave empty-handed, according to a recent consumer survey. A video retail traffic counter shows hourly, half-hourly or even 5-minute break-down of the number of people entering the store. The counts can be integrated with a workforce management system, making it easy to create better forecasts and staffing schedules

It gets worse. If the 90 percent of shoppers had received the help from shop assistants, 86 percent of them would have purchased even more than planned.

70 Percent of Retailers Plan to Invest in the Internet-of-Things

70% of Retailers plan to invest in IoT by 2021 71% intend to install sensors to track customers’ footpaths 75% want real-time alerts in order to deploy employees to locations in the store to assist shoppers 79% will be using cameras and video analytics for operational purposes. This is according to a report by ZIH … Continue reading 70 Percent of Retailers Plan to Invest in the Internet-of-Things

People Counting and Footfall Systems