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Footfall is the number of people entering an area, shop or building in a given time. The time is the period of your choosing - each hour, day, week, month or even every 5 minute interval.

Why measure footfall? | How to measure footfall?

Why measure footfall?

Measuring footfall lets businesses:

Retail footfall counting

Retailers use footfall figures to:

Footfall analytics in web browser dashboard

How to measure footfall?

The most accurate systems use video counting. A cctv or ip camera connects to a people counter which accurately detects and records how many people pass through the counting zone. The footfall is logged and made available in real-time in web browsers, mobile phone apps or via the Internet-of-Things. See How it Works.

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Footfall Questions

How many people enter a store, or chain of stores, over a period of time. On its own, the footfall shows how successful a shop is at marketing and presenting itself. The footfall data can also be used to measure real-time sales conversion, occupancy levels, average shopping time, display success and staff efficiency. Trends can be compared over time and across stores.
There are several ways to measure footfall: one of the most accurate is video counting using software algorithms to detect people in a CCTV or IP-enabled camera stream. However, there are several others - read the comparison of seven footfall technologies to learn more.
The analysis of the numbers of people going into a specified area. Footfall analytics can show your sales conversion rate, average shopping time, dwell time, most popular areas of a store or building, queue times, average and current queue lengths, customer more.

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