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People Counting

Measuring the number of people crossing a zone. This might be people going through a door, down a street, along a corridor, across a square, past a window, pausing at a display and so on.

There are many different ways to achieve this - from manual counting to automatic video people counting. The most accurate method is video using cameras. Read more about the merits of the different ways of counting people, including thermal sensors, infra-red beams and, of course, video counting.

Many types of businesses and activities find it useful to count people: smart cities, shopping centres, retail chains, museums, libraries, other public buildings, sporting venues, exhibition centres, theme parks, banks, hotels, buses, trains, restaurants to name just some. The data collected lets them make informed decisions about their business.

Automatically counting people provides valuable analytics. When linked to point-of-sale systems real-time sales conversion figures are calculated. Heat maps visually show the most popular areas. Staff scheduling can be improved - maximising profitability

Read more about people counting systems.

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