Live car park space monitoring via IoT

Using computer vision our monitoring system shows the number of free spaces in a car park and its current occupancy level. The information is made available over the Internet-of-Things and stored in the cloud. This lets drivers quickly discover the location of the nearest free parking space.

The sensing system works with both open and covered car parks, in different lighting conditions and all weathers.

As well as being shown over the internet on a web page or mobile app, the number of free parking spaces is also displayed on a meter – at the entrance to the car park or elsewhere. Being an IoT system, it is easy for such devices to grab the live data from the cloud.

As well as being useful for motorists to learn of free parking spaces, the system provides valuable planning information to car park operators. They are able to determine trends over different times, days and months. It becomes a tool to help ease congestion.

The car park monitoring is used by Smart Cities and Towns, and also by car park operators like shopping centre owners.

Bandwidth use is minimised as the information is processed locally. In normal use our vehicle detection algorithm only sends the necessary data over the network, and not any of the video images.

Being part of the Internet-of-Things, the car park information can be integrated with other data such as pollution levels, weather patterns, bus passenger counts and pedestrian flow.

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