Counting people entering theme park and riding in helium balloon

Malaysia Theme Park Counts All

The largest helium balloon in Malaysia, and the first in the world to be tethered over water, hovers over the SkyRides Festival Theme Park.

When the theme park needed to know both how many visitors were arriving and the number of them going up in the balloon, they turned to a Video Turnstile counting system from Retail Sensing.

The helium-filled balloon slowly climbs 150 m to offer sweeping views stretching over 50 km. Its gondola holds 30 passengers, who can walk around to see the view from all aspects.

Video Turnstile counts more than 25,000 people visiting the Festivals Park each month. Many of them also ride in the star-attraction of the Skyrides Helium Balloon.

Intelligent video analytics units analyse pictures from CCTV cameras to count park visitors and balloon passengers with over 98% accuracy. They send the counts wirelessly to a central computer. The data can be used, amongst other things, to

  • compare ticket sales with actual numbers of people entering the park and ascending in the balloon
  • improve the visitor experience, for example by helping minimise queues
  • increase retail sales, for instance, by analysing and acting on sales conversion rates
  • accurately plan staffing levels for busiest times

Although the system uses video footage – it does not identify individuals in the picture, thus protecting people’s privacy.

More Information

For more details of counting people entering theme parks, balloon passenger counting and other outdoor visitor counting systems, contact Asad Syed.

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