Restaurants: Use your CCTV cameras to amass essential footfall info

Many things contribute to a restaurant’s success. The food of course, but also things like employee satisfaction and optimal staff scheduling. Accurately forecasting how much food is needed and when. Poor location planning also has a large affect on the restaurant’s prosperity.

Footfall data improves restaurant performance

These and other factors can be improved with good footfall data.

The foot traffic information you’ll gain will help inform delivery schedules and worker shifts. Restaurateurs can accurately assess how promotions and advertising campaigns are affecting their business. Over time, patron counts can predict growth or pinpoint problems, helping the long term prospects of the restaurant.

Use your CCTV cameras to count people – just add software

Many restaurants already have CCTV or IP-enabled cameras. Images from theses can be fed into our people counting software for analysis and accurate footfall data.

The zone through which a person is to be counted is drawn in the software. Anyone passing through this zone is counted, in whatever direction is necessary. The Retail Sensing software also lets you adjust for, for example, shadows or dim lights which helps maximise accuracy to over 95%. As you can see the people being counted on screen during set up, you can be sure that the count is correct.

The system can also show you current occupancy.

The data is transmitted live via the cloud. You can see your dashboard of real-time and historical information in secure web browsers or phone apps. Data can be integrated with the point-of-sale system.

For a restaurant chain, footfall at each restaurant can be easily compared. You have full control over your data and are able to download both the reports and the raw data counts anytime.


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