Intelligent traffic management with uninterrupted data

A traffic management solution with an uninterrupted data relay, working day and night to ensure a city stays safe, smart and connected.

Smart City Solutions

Retails Sensing’s sister company, Urban Sensing, is an innovative organisation focusing on the Internet-of-Things and the critical elements required for a complete Smart City solution. They offer a wide range of IoT data solutions for tracking indoor and outdoor footfall, automatic passenger and vehicle counting and data acquisition sensors Smart Cities around the world.

Staying Connected

Urban Sensing manufacture counting systems which are often exposed to outdoor and sometimes harsh environments. The Internet-of-Things relies on mobile network connectivity. Using a SIM card enables devices on the IoT to control access the network. Urban Sensing looked for a SIM card that was adaptable and totally reliable.

Using a SIM card from one operator means that if that network has a system failure then communication from the counters and sensors would also be out of action. Data would still be collected but live access to the information would be down. The solution is a multi-network system and thus Urban Sensing chose Global M2M SIMs.

We are really pleased with the relationship with Global M2M SIM, it means we are able to supply our product in the UK and internationally as a whole unit.

David Collins, Director Urban Sensing

In Smart City vehicle counting applications, helping monitoring the build-up of the city’s traffic, data needs to be accessible at all times. The multi-network SIM solution helps Urban Sensing offer solutions that cities can depend upon.


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