Quarry automatically counts HGVs and other traffic

Springfield Farm Quarry in Buckinghamshire, UK, needed to count the numbers of HGVs and other traffic entering and leaving their site. This is to help with air quality monitoring and to analyse efforts to keep the dust down.

The quarry site occupies an area of 250 acres and, as well as sand and gravel extraction, is home to other operations. It was the winner of the “Quarry of the Year award” in 2018.

To measure the site traffic they are now using a system from Retail Sensing Ltd. Cameras are mounted on two 10 m tall poles, one pointing at the entry and one to the weighbridge. These connect to our counting units. Vehicle counts can be uploaded securely in real-time to web browsers. Local video analytics minimises bandwidth use. The system also logs counts, per hour or per day for example.

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