Retail Sensing launch new occupancy display meter

Our new occupancy meter shows the number of people, or vehicles, inside a designated area.

The meter can show counts from -999 to 9999. You can set two alarm levels to alert you to when occupancy is nearing its limits – first a warning alarm and then a critical alarm. The Meter will blink and flash to show when the levels are breached.

Part of the Video Turnstile system, you can configure the meter to count people or vehicles going in and out of several entrances at the same time. When monitoring the number of cars in a car park, for example, the data can be integrated into our Smart City system and information made available to all authorised end users around the city.

You can automatically reset occupancy levels at specific times – just before a building opens for example.

As well as showing occupancy levels on the meter, the readings can also be shown on remote computers. Historical records are saved to aid future planning and to give proof of compliance with health and safety regulations.

Find out more: send us an e-mail or telephone +44 (0)161 839 6437.

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