The secret of visitor value: why high street stores are using the same metrics as web sites

Webmasters are superstars at analysing visitor data. What can retailers learn from their approach?

One metric that stores are stealing from websites is Visitor Value. This is the average spend of each visitor that enters a store (or website).

If you can increase your visitor value then sales follow. On a website this might be achieved by better copy on the page. But how do stores increase visitor value?

The first metric to put in place is how many people go into the store. Without this it is impossible to measure visitor value.  Once the people counts are in place – what next?

Measuring visitor value in retail store

A webmaster conducts a split test: does the new page copy convert better than the old? Retailers can do the same thing. Does a new display, or store layout, or pricing structure work better at increasing visitor value.

Counting people entering a bricks and mortar store gives retail managers the same analytics as web managers have at their fingertips: where visitors entered the store or website, where they left it, how long they spent in each department or in front of each display (or web page) and whether changing a display results in increased visitor value.

Visitor value is a simple but very powerful performance indicator. And it all starts just from counting the people visiting your store. Find out more today.

Jill Studholme

Writing about people counting since 2002

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