Exclude staff from people counts to swell sales and visitor satisfaction – learn how

Using artificial intelligence our video analytics can now exclude staff members from both people counts and other key performance indicators. Counting co-workers separately provides a picture of how staff interact with customers and visitors, without identifying any individuals.

For example, retailers can now compare customer dwell time (browsing time) with staff levels. Research shows that the longer the dwell time, the more sales are made. Dwell time versus staff numbers is just one of the KPIs now available.

In low retail traffic situations, excluding staff from the counts results in more accurate sales conversion rates. And comparing staff counts to sales conversion in any situation lets managers see when increasing staff numbers also boosts sales.

Measuring staff levels leads to both increased sales and increased visitor satisfaction, and it is so easy to do with our accurate AI-enhanced people counting.

How Staff Exclusion Works

The beauty of the system is that no extra id technology is required. No lanyards, badges or tags need to be worn. Our AI-powered software links to existing CCTV cameras and quickly learns to detect uniformed employees. The system counts staff and visitor footfall separately over chosen time periods – every hour for example. This allows the new performance indicators to be produced and acted upon.

Exclude waitresses from people counts at a resaurant
The system distinguishes between staff and customers

Results are sent wirelessly to a secure web dashboard, showing current and historical data. Compare KPIs at different locations or over different days, weeks and months.

Why Count Staff Separately?

  • Understand how staff presence influences customer & visitor behaviour
  • Staff exclusion increases count accuracy in low traffic situations
  • Ensure staff levels match footfall density
  • Compare customer dwell time (browsing time) with staff levels
  • Test store layouts versus staff levels and conversion
  • Exclude staff from heat maps showing most popular areas visited


Apart from during setup, no video is recorded. Facial recognition is not used. All visitors and staff are counted anonymously. The system is fully GDPR compliant and privacy is protected.

Find Out More

Find out more about staff exclusion and employee filtering whilst counting people – contact us today. Call +44 (0)161 839 6437, email sales@retailsensing.com or fill in this form.

Retail Sensing

Retail Sensing manufacture the Video Turnstile people counting, vehicle sensing and smart city equipment. Our systems not only measure footfall and traffic, but monitor queues, display occupancy, track shoppers around stores, show heat maps of most visited areas, record passenger numbers, count pedestrians and provide retail intelligence and key performance indicators.

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