Understand your retail audience

All retailers want to understand their customers. What pulls their audience’s attention, what gender are they, how old are they, how long do they linger at a display and what products are they looking at?

Retail Sensing’s new technology tells retailers this and more. Using artificial intelligence the system identifies a person’s:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • How long they spend in one place (the dwell time)
  • Where their attention is directed

When this data is automatically combined with other metrics, like average shopping time and sales conversion rate, the business intelligence becomes even more powerful. With the audience information, retailers can accurately measure merchandising effectiveness and learn exactly how different people are using their store.

Targeting Digital Signage to the Current Audience

You can enable communication between the retail sensor and digital signs, giving an in-store personalised experience. This means, for example, that women will see information designed for them and men a different display which they might find more interesting. Not only an improved shopping trip for many customers but one more likely to generate sales.

Digital signage and audience identification
Digital marketing using audience analysis

What about Personal Privacy?

When in use the system analyses faces but doesn’t record the image – so personal privacy is protected.

How it Works

Our footfall and audience measurement systems use discreet video cameras. Retailers can hide these behind small two-way mirrors, or within displays. Using computer vision and AI, the system extracts useful information about customers and their behaviour. The data collected can be made available over the Internet-of-Things.

We can customise our measurement hardware to produce a wide range of data for retail operations and merchandising. As well as footfall, average shopping time, conversion and shopper information, other analytics include queuing times, hot spot maps of popular (and unpopular) areas and occupancy figures. A combination of these let you measure, experiment and improve the performance of the store.

Find out more

Email sales@retailsensing.com or call +44 (0)161 839 6437 to learn more.

David Collins

With over 15 years experience of video analytics and computer vision, David Collins' expertise covers AI-powered people and vehicle counting systems & software, and their associated applications. His specialities include neural networks and machine learning.

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