Wi-Fi or Wired: the best way to connect people counters?

Which is the best way to connect people counters to a PC? It depends on how many counters you have, your existing infra-structure and the location of the controlling PC. Possible communications include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485 and RS-232.


Ethernet is appropriate where:

  1. There is an existing Ethernet infrastructure (cabling and patch panels)
  2. There is access to the Ethernet infrastructure close to where the counters will be


Wi-Fi is available by connecting the counter via Ethernet to a Wi-Fi router. Wi-Fi is appropriate where:

Counting people remotely via Wi-Fi - wireless people counting from Retail Sensing
Transmitting the people counts over Wi-Fi.

  1. There is no easily accessible Ethernet cabling
  2. Running cables is difficult

    1. It would cause damage to walls or ceilings or their decoration
    2. Installation work time must be minimised


Use RS-232 when you are using just one counter and this will be less than 10 m from the PC used to collect the data.


RS485 can be used when you have several counters. The RS485 cable can connect to counters up to 1 km away from the

  1. An RS-232-to-RS-485 adapter converts a PC COM port (serial port) from RS-232
    to RS-485.
  2. Up to 29 counters can be connected from one adaptor on a single cable in a daisy chain.
  3. A second COM port can be used to connect to another set of counters through another
    RS485 cable.

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