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Sales conversion rate

Measuring footfall increases sales conversion

26 January 2022

Counting how many people visit a store in a given time - the footfall - reveals how many opportunities for a sale there are at any moment throughout the day.

Connect the people-counts to the point-of-sale (POS) system and see sales conversion in real-time. Powerful information that lets retailers take immediate steps to improve sales conversion.

5 Ways to Increase Sales Conversion

  1. Record the length of time people pause at displays and kiosks. If the display doesn't catch their interest: change it.
  2. Track the path consumers take through the store: if someone cannot find something they cannot buy it. Seeing where people go shows whether a store needs re-organising in order to increase conversion rate.
  3. Automatically monitor queues: long waiting times discourage people from buying. Recent research showed people are likely to give up queuing and leave empty handed after 9 minutes, and that shoppers won't join a queue if it already contains seven people.
  4. Use footfall patterns to accurately schedule more staff at busy periods to generate more sales.
  5. Connect footfall counts to the POS system: get real time sales conversion figures and take quick action.

Our people counting systems let retailers count per department, per store and for the whole retail chain. Figures can be accurately compared across shops. The outlet with the highest sales may not be the one doing the best in terms of converting potential customers, in fact they might be underperforming. Without accurate footfall data you would never know.

Find out how we can help you count people and increase your sales conversion: send us an e-mail or telephone +44 (0)161 839 6437.

Sales conversion up + footfall up = sales up

Sales Conversion Up + Footfall Up = Sales Up

Benefits of the Video Counting System

Increased sales conversion rates are not always a good sign

Often when a store gets busier, sales conversion rates go down: more people leave the store empty-handed. The converse is also true. If the store is quiet more of the people who are there tend to buy and the transactions at the till look in a healthy state.

Sales conversion up, footfall down?

Increased conversion rates can't continue to compensate for low footfall indefinitely. If the trend continues, sales will eventually follow the visitor numbers down. At this point the problem becomes obvious even to those not monitoring conversions and footfall.

Stores that routinely count their visitors get early warnings of trouble ahead. They can plan their coping strategy well in advance rather than reacting belatedly to an entrenched problem.

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