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Occupancy monitoring means counting the number of people currently on the premises, or in a defined area. There are a number of ways to do this, one of the most accurate is using CCTV or IP-enabled cameras and either people counting devices, or people counting software. The live occupancy counts are shown on screens, on web browsers, smart phone apps and can be integrated into Internet-of-Things networks.

How video occupancy monitoring works

Overhead cameras are positioned over entries and exits. These connect to people counters which transmit the data over Wi-Fi, Internet, IoT or Ethernet to the display meters. Data can also shown in dashboards on secure web browsers. Wide entrances and areas are handled by linking several cameras across the ceiling. See how many people are in each room, on each floor or in the entire building. A well as live data the occupancy information is saved for trend analysis.

Live occupancy meter

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Occupancy Monitoring Questions

Occupancy monitoring is counting how many people are currently in a space, room or building, and reporting that information.
There are several ways to track occupancy: one of the most accurate is video counting using software algorithms to anonymously detect people in a CCTV or IP-enabled camera stream.
The analysis of the numbers of people in a defined location, such as a room or building, over periods of time. Occupancy analytics can show the most popular areas of a building, help confirm conformance to social distancing and optimise building layout. They help you understand how a building is actually used. Comparisons over time show trends in occupancy levels.

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