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People counting system

People Counting

11 January 2019
A people counting system gives you the tools to save money, gain valuable analytics & key performance indicators, improve the visitor experience and optimise your operations.

Of all people counting methods, video-based people counting is the most accurate at over 98%.

Counting People

Retail Sensing systems not only measure footfall and count people, but monitor queues, display occupancy, track shoppers around stores, show heat maps of most visited areas, log passenger numbers and provide marketing data. The technology provides the basis for many applications in retail, leisure and other sectors.

Who uses People Counters?

Many different types of businesses and activities find it useful to count people: smart cities, shopping centres, retail chains, museums, libraries, other public buildings, sporting venues, exhibition centres, theme parks, banks, hotels, buses, trains, restaurants and so on. The video people count data lets them make informed decisions about their business.

Our software correctly identifies people indoors and outdoors. You can configure each counting area according to the situation: optimising for crowds, compensating for reflections, monitoring queues, ignoring children or setting people to be counted only when they turn left or go straight on


Retailers gain many insights from counting people. With accurate figures for sales conversion rate, dwell times, queueing times, popular store areas and other indicators, retail managers take informed steps to improve sales. Our experience shows that an increase of 30% in sales is achievable in just a few months, without any increase in store traffic. Contact us to find out how.

Gaining data from people counts - retail analytics

Smart Cities

More and more town managers are using people counts in their smart city networks. The data helps quantify the use of footpaths. It provides both real-time and historical data for big data analytics. Businesses looking to open a new shop or restaurant gain accurate figures for footfall past their proposed location to help them assess the potential for their new venture. The Smart People Counters are attached to lampposts around the town. They are also used inside public buildings and shopping centres. To effectively serve people it helps if the town authorities know how many people are going where and when. The flow of pedestrians affects the whole environment. It is important to know not only the numbers of people but also how the numbers change over time.

People Counting in the Smart City

An accurate people metering system provides feedback on changes in people's behaviour within the city and allows the council to effectively manage the flow of people, vehicles and bicycles around the area. This is also known as smart mobility.

Public Transport

Automated passenger counts help bus operators plan their timetables and routes and justify any grants they get for running a particular service. Another benefit is the increase in fare revenue produced by cross-checking passenger numbers with issued tickets. The automated passenger counting system (APC) provides reliable data at a low cost, no matter how busy the service.

An APC system on its own provides valuable information, but when you add vehicle tracking you can see where a bus or train is as well as how many people are on it.

Bus passenger counting

Exhibition Centres

Accurate real-time occupancy and footfall figures help conference and exhibition centres to run more efficiently and be critically managed to get the optimum use of the centre.


More and more libraries are reaping rewards from visitor counters. They are using them to save money, improve services, determine how the facilities are being used and, increasingly, to justify their existence.

People counting in libraries

Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Licence holders need accurate counts of the number of people on their premises. Our systems achieve 98% accuracy, even in variable or poor lighting. We let you monitor different areas within the building, as well as the overall occupancy. Current totals are shown on LED displays and on secure web browsers. The displays flash to warn staff when capacity limits are approaching, playing an important role in public safety.

People counting and monitoring occupancy in bars

Case Studies

Read about how a people counting system has benefited a wide range of businesses.

What's the Pay Back Period of a People Counting System?

With good use of the data acquired, the equipment will pay for itself very quickly. Of course, it doesn't happen without you making some changes, but the people counter data lets you make continual improvements. Download our Return on Investment Calculator to learn more and calculate how long it would take you to make savings.

Find out more about People Counting Systems

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