This is how it's done

Tests show video people counting achieves over 98% accuracy. This is how it's done anonymously using existing CCTV cameras together with our AI-powered software.

  • Overhead CCTV or IP camera, tracks people's movements.
  • Connect your camera to our software to accurately detect entries, exits, queues and waiting times, providing key performance indicators like sales conversion, dwell time, queue statistics, occupancy levels, heat maps and staff-to-visitor ratios.
  • Data shown over web browsers and smart phone apps via the Internet-of-Things, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, LoRaWAN or other methods of communications.

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Cloud reporting dashboard
Data presented on an internet dashboard
Counting shoppers

How it Works: AI Software

  • Using artificial intelligence the software can optimise for crowds, compensate for changing light levels, ignore children, detect staff, work inside and out and even at night.
  • The embedded video server lets you view live video footage alongside the people counts, so you can accurately verify, and configure, the system over the internet.
  • Once set up, counts alone are sent over the network to save bandwidth.
  • Replay counting videos for off-site commissioning.
  • Choose the time period over which counts are measured: every hour or every 5 minutes for example.
  • Wide entrances and areas are handled by linking several cameras together.
  • Privacy is maintained - the system knows how many people went where and when, but not who they were. Apart from during initial set-up, video is not recorded.

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Experience and Expertise

Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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