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CCTV people counting

How a CCTV, or IP Camera, People Counting System Works

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10 August 2021
Tests show video people counting achieves over 98% accuracy. This is how it's done anonymously.

What are Video Analytics?

Video analytics means the computerised analysis of video streams from cameras. A Video Turnstile counting unit (or virtual machine counter) connects to a CCTV or IP camera and performs real-time analysis of the video for immediate detection and counting of people. During setup, video and analysis can be streamed to a central computer where the settings and counts can be seen.

Our image processing algorithms are over 98% effective at counting people entering and leaving counting zones.

The Video Turnstile people counters are independent of the video cameras.

With our hardware option, there are two types of Video Turnstile unit: one that counts people which is called a VT, and one that saves the counts, which is called a Logger. Each counting system needs at least one Logger. The Logger can save counts from up to 16 VTs. Each camera connects to a VT. The system is thus infinitely scaleable. If you need more counting areas just add more cameras and VTs. At regular intervals the Loggers transmit their counts to the central computer.

Lifetime Technical Support

We want your system to be reliable and accurate. We are happy to help with setup and configuration, and provide lifetime technical support.

Discuss your People Counting Needs

If you would like more information on using CCTV cameras to count people, please e-mail, telephone +44 (0)161 839 6437 or fill in this form.