Occupancy Alerts in Bars, Pubs and Clubs

  • Monitor occupancy: how many people are currently in the building and in each room?
  • See live occupancy on smart phones, web browsers and displays
  • Show warnings when capacity limits are approached.
  • Accurately count people entering and leaving the venue.
  • Also count patrons' footfall: number of people per hour or half hour for example.
  • Daily count files can start from your opening time.
  • Accurate, reliable, counts using CCTV cameras and AI-powered software.
Occupancy meter

Live Alerts

The display meter shows the current occupant count. When the maximum capacity is approached, the count turns orange. When the limit is breached, the occupancy alert turns red.

Occupancy app shows  how many people currently on the premises

App or Browser Reporting

Get live reports via our cloud-based reporting software, by text, tweet and app - alerting you when getting near to, or exceeding, the capacity.

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Experience and Expertise

Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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