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Counting vehicles using CCTV and intelligent counters

Vehicle traffic counting using CCTV or IP-Cameras

15 June 2021
Using cameras and intelligent counting units, the Video Turnstile vehicle traffic counting system achieves over 98% accuracy in all conditions: day and night in rain, sun and snow.

You can set the vehicle traffic detectors to count vehicles going straight on or turning. One camera can cover several exits of a junction. At four-way junctions, for example, the system provides multi-directional counts for vehicles turning north, south, east or west and coming from any direction.

The Video Turnstile system detects and counts cars going through the counting zone

The system is designed so that

Local Video Analytics minimises Bandwidth Use

The intelligent counting units (called Video Turnstile) analyse the video stream and upload the resultant counts wirelessly. The count data is immediately made available over the internet. All the video analytics processing is done locally by the counting units, ensuring that the bandwidth use is minimised.

Easy Set-Up of the Vehicle Traffic Counting System

During set-up installers can log into the system from a web browser, view the CCTV footage and check the counts. They can make adjustments via software choices to optimise the counts at each location and precisely configure the counting zone.

Live and Logged Data

As well as providing data in real-time, counts are logged so trends can be analysed and observed. Compare hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly traffic counts. See average traffic levels on different days or different times.

Cloud reporting screen
Comparing daily bus, car and cycle traffic which is travelling in different directions at a junction: cloud reporting

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Retail Sensing manufacture the Video Turnstile people and vehicle traffic counting equipment. All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our counting systems are in use in over 40 countries.