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Capacity and Occupancy Monitoring

Video Occupancy Counters for Retail, other Buildings and Transport

Live Retail Occupancy Counting

5 September 2020
Now more than any time stores and other businesses need accurate counts of the number of people on their premises. Our occupancy counting systems let you monitor different areas within the building, as well as the overall occupancy - helping ensure social distancing. Live totals are shown on LED displays, on secure web browsers and on smart phones. Visual alerts & texts are sent to warn staff when capacity limits are approaching.

Video Occupancy Counting

The system comprises overhead IP or CCTV cameras linked to intelligent people counting units (called Video Turnstile). It counts people entering and leaving areas. No-one is identified - all counts are anonymous. Video Turnstile is designed and manufactured on our premises in the UK: we can thus customise any system to your specifications.

Real-Time Alerts

The system displays occupancy analytics in a number of ways - on screens or meters, via our cloud-based reporting software, by text and tweet - alerting you when getting near to, or exceeding, the capacity.

A virtual occupancy meter shows people counts via smart phone or computer - just log into the Reporting Dashboard.

Occupancy Monitoring via smart phone
Virtual occupancy meter as would be shown on a smart phone

An LED display shows the number of occupants and flashes an alert when nearing the maximum. The display meter is mounted on a wall or sits on a desk and updates every second with the current occupancy. The standard meter measures 7 inches (178 mm) or you can choose larger screens.

Live occupancy meter
This physical meter shows the current occupant count. When the maximum capacity is approached, the count turns orange. When the limit is breached, the occupancy alert turns red.

The system sends texts when occupancy approaches or passes its threshold.

Occupancy counts via text
Example of a text alert

Alerts can also be tweeted.

tweet occupancy alerts
Tweet occupancy alerts

Analyse Previous Counts

As well as real-time counts, records are kept of previous totals. For example, you can see how many people entered and left each hour or every 5 minutes over the past weeks or months. The historical counts are stored as text, XML or MySQL files: you can either use our dedicated reporting software available via the cloud, or almost any other Windows analysis software, to process the data and compile reports.

Monitor Queues

Our people counting system is not limited to capacity monitoring. You can also use it to monitor queues - inside or out - and determine which areas of the venue are most popular.

Validate Counts

You can be sure that the counts are accurate simply by watching the video - securely over the internet. During configuration, you can stream the video and diagnostic data slowly to accurately calibrate and verify the counts. The occupancy monitoring system is over 98% accurate no matter how bright or dark it is.

Restrict Number of Passengers on Buses

Showing live occupancy figures helps people keep within social distancing rules and recommendations made necessary by COVID-19 whilst using public transport.

Meet Capacity Constraints

Find out more: send us an e-mail, telephone +44 (0)161 839 6437 or fill in this form for more information on occupancy and capacity monitoring.

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Occupancy Questions Answered

Store occupancy limits are now much lower due to COVID-19. Occupancy counters help retailers comply with social distancing and capacity limits.
There are two parts to live occupancy monitoring - counting the number of people in an area and making the information available to those that need it. This can be on meters, by smart phone app, via the web, by text and over the Internet-of-Things.
Our system can also monitor queues. It saves data so trends can be compared by hour, by day, by week and so on. It will integrate with point-of-sales systems to produce reports on sales conversion, average shopping time and other key performance indicators.
Yes, we can offer a trial system for you.

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