Real-Time Occupancy Counters

Now more than any time stores and other businesses need accurate counts of the number of people on their premises. Our occupancy counting systems let you monitor different areas within the building, as well as the overall occupancy, using existing CCTV and together with our AI software. Live totals are shown on smart phones, on secure web browsers and on LED displays. Alerts warn staff when capacity limits are approaching.

  • Live occupancy shown locally and remotely
  • Occupancy alerts and warnings by smart phone, browser, reporting dashboard, screen, meter & internet of things
  • See how many people are in each room, on each floor or in the entire building
  • Real-time counts aid compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Historical records help future planning
  • Queue monitoring
  • Networked systems can communicate securely over the internet and the IoT
Live occupancy meter
This physical meter shows the current occupant count. When the maximum capacity is approached, the count turns orange. When the limit is breached, the occupancy alert turns red.

Real-Time Alerts

The system displays occupancy in a number of ways - on screens or meters, via cloud-based reporting software on smart phone app and web browser - alerting you when getting near to, or exceeding, the capacity.

Occupancy counts via text
Example of a text alert



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