Footfall Counters

Footfall counters record the number of people entering an area, shop or building in a given time. The time is the period of your choosing - each hour, day, week, month or even every 5 minute interval. Footfall is a key performance indicator essential for measuring many other kpis, like sales conversion and average shopping time. It pinpoints busy periods and helps with staff scheduling. It can be used to monitor queues and waiting times, or to show real-time occupancy.

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Measuring footfall
Footfall counting can be used to show current occupancy

How do footfall counters work?

There are several types of footfall counters. Amongst the most accurate are video counters. These link to CCTV cameras to detect and count entries and exits from a counting zone. The data is made available over web browsers, smart phone apps, the Internet-of-Things or via an Ethernet connection, where key performance indicators are calculated such as sales conversion. Other methods include beam counters and thermal sensors.

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Footfall Counting Questions

The number of people entering a store, or chain of stores, over a period of time. On its own, the footfall shows how successful a shop is at marketing and presenting itself. The footfall data can also be used to measure real-time sales conversion, occupancy levels, average shopping time, display success and staff efficiency. Trends can be compared over time and across stores.
There are several ways to measure footfall: one of the most accurate is video counting using artificial intelligence to detect people in a CCTV or IP-enabled camera stream. However, there are several others - read the comparison of seven footfall technologies to learn more.
The analysis of the numbers of people going into a specified area. Footfall analytics can show your sales conversion rate, average shopping time, dwell time, most popular areas of a store or building, queue times, average and current queue lengths, customer demographics, more.
A footfall area is the space through which you are counting people. For example, a footfall area might be a store with several floors, entrances and exits. Or it might be a zone on a street down which people are walking. It could also comprise many stores in one retail chain.
A people counting sensor is a device that measures footfall. It might be a camera and people counter, although other types of sensor are also available.

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