No people counting hardware, installation, cabling or additional cameras required. Our AI software works with existing CCTV.

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People counting with just software

People counting software analyses a live video feed from CCTV cameras to count people - a virtual people counting machine. Simply run our Virtual Machine application on your host computer or server.

This means huge savings in expensive installation of a separate system.

The Virtual VT Machines can be deployed almost anywhere, regardless of the operating system or configuration of its host. It makes the counts available in real-time to reporting dashboards. It can be part of an IoT system and runs, for example, in VMware, Virtual Box and Hyper V.

  • During set-up you can view live video footage alongside the footfall counts, so you can accurately verify, and configure, the system.
  • Once set up, counts alone are sent over the network to save bandwidth.
  • Choose the time period over which counts are measured: every hour or every 5 minutes for example.
  • Monitor footfall, dwell time and occupancy.
Yorkdale shopping centre
Recording numbers of goods vehicles at the Yorkdale Shopping Mall in Toronto

Virtual Vehicle Counting in Action

Spanning 2 million square feet and featuring 270 stores, Yorkdale is a premier retail destination in Canada. The Toronto shopping centre is now using virtual machines from Retail Sensing to monitor large goods vehicles into their loading area.

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Experience and Expertise

Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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