Heat Maps boost sales

Heat map: a graphical visualisation of the most, and least, popular areas of a store or floor. See immediately where most of your shoppers or visiors go and which areas they avoid. Heat maps provide invaluable insights into customer behaviour.

The number of visitors to a particular area are represented by colours overlaying a photo of the area. Generally the warmer and darker the colour, the more busy the place is.

Use the understanding into where customers go most to plan and locate promotions in those areas. Sort out the dead zones - why is no-one going to these areas? Is it the merchandise, the signage. Is it a backwater outside the main route through the store? With the heat map knowledge retailers can experiment with different store layouts and campaigns and quantitatively measure the results. Easily compare the heat maps before and after and automatically calculate the effect on sales conversion and average transaction value.

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Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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