AI-powered camera system offers real-time traffic analytics for advertising hoardings

Measuring the effectiveness of a roadside advertising hoardings relies on knowing how many vehicles drive past: the eyes-per-month. Our camera counting system gives accurate numbers all day, every day. With live information shown in data dashboards on laptops or smart phones.

A video example of counting vehicles from the roadside using an IP camera.

Using artificial intelligence to analyse video streams from cameras positioned on the hoardings themselves, the system correctly counts the number of passing vehicles

The video is analysed at the site and only counts and other analytics transmitted. This both ensures compliance with GDPR and saves bandwidth.

Advertising hoardings, or billboards, are a form of out-of-home advertising (OOH). Using cameras to measure the traffic volume means eyes-on-hoarding data can be provided in real-time for multiple locations. Other analytics like eyes per month, traffic per week, daily effective circulation (DEC) and other kpi are readily available and easily compared for different locations and time periods.

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