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2 July 2022
Retail Sensing's people & vehicle counting technology is saving money, and improving the visitor experience, for businesses around the world.

Our systems are used by retailers, smart towns and cities, transport, leisure facilities, libraries, museums, bars, sporting venues, garden centres, banks, parks, student unions and many others.

Some of our customers

Read what some of our customers say below.

The Peel

The Peel is a LGBTQ+ friendly late night venue in Melbourne, established in 1988. A Google local guide describes it as "An iconic venue that is one of Melbourne's last remaining gay focused clubs/bars."

Since 2013 the Peel has been using a Retail Sensing system to monitor visitor numbers.

Tom McFeely owner of the Peel Hotel commented:

"Over the years I've had various different managers come and go in my venue and each of them had their own idea of what was best when it came to people counting. To this day, I still feel that your system beat them all. Although most camera manufacturers now boast about their cameras AI and analytical capabilities, I find that they're not particularly suited to night time or venue applications."

The Peel
Photo credit: RL

Healthguard Pharmacy Limited

Healthguard Pharmacy has created a difference in the retail pharmaceutical trade, with an innovative concept centered on superior customer care, a wide product assortment, affordable prices and data management with the latest technology of Retail Sensing. Infiyaz Ali, general manager, said:

"We have been using the Retail Sensing people counting system for one year and six months as of now. We are happy with the performance of the system and the support we have been given. The AVST (average shopping time) feature has been of great use to us and we have been using it to improve our performance and KPIs."

Healthguard Photo credit: Sunshine Holdings PLC

H&M Match Retail

"We are delighted to work with RETAIL SENSING, using their people counting devices for our Retail stores. It allows us to fulfil KPis and improve customer satisfaction. Ran and the team have been great throughout the process and we're really pleased with the data we are getting through their system." Rotem Amitai CTO

H & M