Bus occupancy – how many passengers are currently on this bus?

Automatic passenger counting (APC) is now more important than ever. The ability to show live occupancy figures and helps people keep within the social distancing recommendations made necessary by COVID-19 whilst using public transport.

To ensure the safety of customers and bus drivers, limits to the number of passengers on board at any one time have been introduced in many countries.

Passenger Occupancy Meter

A video counting system is over 98% accurate. It shows the number of passengers in real-time on meters, on smart phones, on web browsers and over the Internet-of-Things.

Cameras over each door of the bus are linked to a counting unit running software which detects entries and exits. The counters just store the passenger numbers: no people are identified and privacy is protected making the system GDPR compliant.

Monitoring passenger numbers is essential to help ensure that bus capacity limits are met. Data is logged to produce trends of passenger numbers over time.

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