Artificial intelligence is reshaping retail on the High Street

The retail landscape is undergoing a transformative shift with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology is becoming an indispensable tool for retailers seeking to understand and cater to consumer behaviour, elevating the in-store shopping experience whilst optimising operational efficiency

The technologies provide an opportunity to better satisfy customers, improve revenue growth, rapidly innovate and create smarter operations – all of which help businesses excel.

Workforce Optimisation

The integration of AI brings about a fundamental shift in workforce optimisation. Retailers can leverage AI-driven analytics to make informed staffing decisions, aligning employee schedules with peak shopping times and customer demands. This smart staffing approach optimizes workforce costs while ensuring adequate staffing levels to meet customer needs effectively.

Personalised Marketing

Through computer vision, AI-powered digital signage dynamically tailors marketing messages in real-time. These signs not only discern demographics like age and gender but also gauge customer engagement metrics. They capture data on foot traffic, dwell times and conversion rates, enabling retailers to fine-tune marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Optimise Store Layout

Understanding customer movement and dwell times empowers retailers to enhance store layouts and drive sales growth.

Measurable Results and Return on Investment

The adoption of AI in retail is not just a technological advancement; it is a strategic investment that drives measurable results. Retailers can track the impact of AI-powered initiatives on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer engagement, conversion rates, average spend, average basket size, dwell times and waiting times. By measuring the return of investment of AI initiatives, retailers can ensure that AI is delivering the desired business outcomes.

As AI continues to mature and evolve, its impact on the retail industry will only grow stronger. Retailers that embrace AI and leverage its capabilities to personalise experiences, optimise operations, and make data-driven decisions will be well-positioned to succeed in the competitive retail landscape.

Gather the data, convert it into insights, act on these and produce measurable results. Contact us to find out how.

Increasing the sales conversion rate
Increasing the sales conversion rate

Retail Sensing

Retail Sensing manufacture the Video Turnstile people counting, vehicle sensing and smart city equipment. Our systems not only measure footfall and traffic, but monitor queues, display occupancy, track shoppers around stores, show heat maps of most visited areas, record passenger numbers, count pedestrians and provide retail intelligence and key performance indicators.

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