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Real world examples of how people counting, footfall and store traffic systems are being used to increase sales, reduce fraud and generate business analytics.

Video Passenger Counting Saves Bus Company Thousands

Our passenger counting system is saving a UK bus company thousands of pounds per bus. Automatically counting people on and off their buses enabled the company to cross check passenger numbers with ticket machine transactions. With proof that they had more passengers than transactions, managers could take steps to remedy the missing fare revenue. A … Continue reading Video Passenger Counting Saves Bus Company Thousands

Counting “Hot Air” Balloon Passengers

Some months back we had an enquiry from an unusual source – a “hot air” balloon manufacturer. They wanted to automatically count the people who were taken up in the balloon. This wasn’t a hot air balloon that travels across the countryside. It wasn’t even filled with hot air. Helium provides the lift and the … Continue reading Counting “Hot Air” Balloon Passengers