Smart city Hong Kong

Reseller in Hong Kong for Smart City Systems Sought

We are currently inviting technology companies in Hong Kong to investigate becoming our sole resellers in the area.

To find out more call David Collins on +44 (0)161 839 6437, email or fill in the form below.

Briefly, our systems:

  • Count people, providing both real-time and historical data for big data analytics with accurate footfall figures by location and time.
  • Count bicycles to helps monitor and support their use.
  • Count vehicles to identify and reduce traffic congestion.
  • Count passengers on buses, trains, trams etc. They let city managers know the numbers of people arriving by public transport at various points in the city, by time of day.
  • Identify and reduce traffic congestion
  • Quantify the use of footpaths and cycle ways
  • Let retail units discover vital analytics like sales conversion rate, average queuing time, average shopping time, most popular area of store and footfall past the store
  • Assess the impact of development initiatives and use the data to inform future decisions

About Retail Sensing and the IoT Smart City Sensors

CCTV camera built into IoT smart city system for counting pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles.

Retail Sensing are a UK-based technology manufacturing company. Our head office is in Manchester.

Our Smart City devices use our own video analytics algorithm to detect pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles. They include data logging hardware and Internet-of-Things connectivity.

The ISO9001 quality approved system is implemented around the city and sends real time data to “Brokers”. The brokers process the data and make it available to all end users.

The Smart Counters are attached to lampposts around the city. They can also be used inside public buildings and shopping centres

We’re currently involved in smart city projects around the world, either directly or with our resellers.

Find out more about becoming a Reseller

To find out more about becoming a reseller of our smart city systems, call David Collins on +44 (0)161 839 6437, email or fill in the form below.

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