Average Shopping Time – Hourly intervals

A new feature in Retail Sensing’s footfall solution – Average Shopping Time (AVST) in an hourly interval.

So far, the RS system has produced AVST in a daily interval.

Following requests from our customers in various retail sectors, to extend the feature to an hourly interval, our team of engineers has developed a customized algorithm. The feature has been tested over the past few months and we are now rolling it out for the benefit of our customers.

What is the importance of AVST?

AVST gives an indication of the quality of service in the store and the shopping experience.

A good shopping experience, will be reflected in the AVST, in correlation with the Conversion Ratio (CR) and the average number of Units Per Transaction (UPT).

AVST at a daily interval gives a general indication of the shopping experience and the quality of service throughout the opening hours of the store.

AVST in an hourly interval indicates the hours when the shopping experience and service quality decreases or increases. Examining the data will allow the retailer to understand at which times he should improve the service, offer discounts, increase staff members in certain departments, and more.

If your stores are equipped with a RS footfall system, you can probably have Hourly AVST as well. Simply contact us to check it out.

Our customers who are interested in professional AVST insights, please note that, RS’s team of retail experts are at your disposal with a unique service called Smart Retail Sensing, which analyses the performance of the stores and assembles a toolbox to improve the performance of the sales floor.

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